Living in Seminole, Florida you know how damaging the humidity and heat can be to your flooring. You also know how important the environment and using eco-friendly products can be. Luckily, there are a variety of eco-friendly flooring options that will hold up well in an environment like Florida. Here are the best flooring options and what to know about each one.


There are several benefits to using bamboo as a flooring option. The first is the variety of flooring types, such as bamboo plank flooring. Bamboo also has a durability in humid weather that other flooring may have issues with. Bamboo can hold up to various levels of traffic, making it ideal for high traffic areas such as living rooms and kitchens. You can also find bamboo flooring in a variety of shades to fit your decor needs. The flooring is also sustainable as it is grass rather than wood. This means it is not only durable, but can be produced quickly without damaging the environment or wood flooring

Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are natural and eco-friendly. The stone tiles are ideal for the weather you have in Florida. They are also an attractive addition to certain rooms. For example, if you are planning a bathroom upgrade, stone tiles can help give a more relaxing and natural environment. They are also a wonderful addition to spa rooms or shower areas that have rainfall shower heads. The stones are easily to maintain and can hold up to most traffic.


Cork flooring is something many people do not think of. In fact, some people do not know that cork flooring is even an option. Cork is actually very durable as a flooring option. It also offers a comfortable feeling when you are standing or just walking through the area. This means in kitchen areas that receive a lot of traffic and where you stand often, the cork can actually be an improvement for leg or foot pain. Cork offers a softer feeling to the aesthetic of the area as well. Cork is available in natural colors as well as other shades to fit your decor.

When you are ready to move forward on your flooring remodeling, contact Floor Coverings International. We are located in Seminole, Florida and serve a wide area within the state. We also carry a number of Eco-friendly flooring options like the ones listed here. Do not forget, we offer installation services as well.