Eco-friendly flooring is becoming more mainstream as clients are pushing for products with less environmental impact for their homes. Thanks to many alternatives and advanced technology, style doesn’t have to be sacrificed when being environmentally conscientious about your flooring. Read on to learn how you can incorporate green flooring throughout your home:

Eco-friendly carpet Seminole


Carpet is sustainable because it can be recycled by section after use. Floor Coverings International® of Largo partners with the supplier, Shaw Floors, to deliver nylon fiber carpets, which are soft but durable carpets that can last for decades. To demonstrate how much of an impact these carpets can make, Shaw’s Evergreen Carpet Recycling Facility has been able to reuse 100 million pounds of old carpet per year for over a decade, preventing it from ending up in a landfill.


Laminate flooring has taken advanced steps to becoming a competitive flooring choice. It is often indistinguishable from hardwood floors thanks to improved pattern printing technologies, making it a great alternative to using real wood. It also provides homeowners convenience as it can be installed on top of current floors and offers resistance against scratches and stains, so much so that even hair dye stains can be cleaned from it.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flooring Seminole


Bamboo provides a modern take on hardwood floors as it offers subtle color dimensions throughout the planks while not containing the distinct ring pattern of a hardwood floor. Bamboo is also labeled as a renewable plant source, due to the fact that bamboo takes 3-5 years to grow whereas trees take up to 20 years. Easily installable in many different rooms of the house, bamboo provides a clean color palette that allows your furniture and décor to stand out.


Cork flooring is produced from the stripped bark of Cork Oak trees, which can then be harvested again within a couple years. One benefit of cork is that it is highly malleable and can create a variety of different finishes and patterns. Implement cork in your home to merge different patterns or change the feel of a room.

Transition Your Home to Have Eco-Friendly Floors Today

Implementing eco-friendly flooring can be easy thanks to our many environmentally conscious suppliers. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home design consultation and estimate from Floor Coverings International® of Largo design experts. We serve Clearwater, Seminole & Largo,St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas and are ready to help you achieve your dream floors.

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