A busy room leads to visual overstimulation, and subsequently, a feeling of restlessness. Your home should cultivate a sense of calm, even when clutter gets a little out of hand or items start to pile up in our space. So, how can we combat the busyness? You might be surprised to find that your floors are the perfect place to start. Here are some ways to choose flooring that can help tone things down.

Cohesive Flooring

When you have a lot going on in one category of your home, whether it be intentional decoration or accidental clutter, simplifying another aspect of it can be a great way to add balance. Cohesive flooring, or flooring that is consistent from one room to the next, is a brilliant way to do so. This gives a seamless effect that demands very little from our eyes. In this way, it works to dampen the effect of busyness elsewhere in the room.

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Materials and Color

Another way to simplify your floors is through your choice of material. For floors such as hardwood and tile, you want to stick to wider panels or bigger tiles that are fairly consistent in color and don’t have much of a pattern. Carpeting and vinyl are also great options for this. So long as you stick to single tones and avoid contributing to visual distraction, you’re on the right path.

Adopt a Minimalist Mindset

In a home that has a busy look about it, you want to plan your floors like a minimalist. In effect, you’re adopting a mode of thinking that’s going to add balance to your space. And though it may not seem as exciting to go for a simplistic design, remember that this frees you up elsewhere in your space. By toning things down in one area, you create opportunities for fun, playful design elsewhere. Design is all about cultivating a feeling within a space, and the way you feel within your home is dependent on the stylistic choices you make. There are a variety of options for the floors in a busy room, from tile to carpet, FCI Seminole has an option for you.


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