If you find yourself struggling not to track in dirt from outside or if you simply need more utility space in your home, a mudroom may be the solution to your problems. Mudrooms are the first line of defense against a messy interior, which is why it is important you construct them with function and durability in mind. These areas also offer helpful additional space for storage, and a place to do laundry and other household tasks. Your surfaces should all be water resistant for easy wipe-downs, and tough enough to endure the messier side of life. Read on for our guide to creating the perfect mudroom for your Clearwater home!

Implementing storage:Mudroom | Floor Coverings International

Mudrooms are a great place to store items that you need easy and regular access to but don’t have the practical room for in other areas of the house such as cleaning supplies or gardening tools. Cubbies and cabinets are great for this and also help to keep your items off the floor and out of sight. You can even create some additional hidden storage with a bench that opens, giving you both sitting room and utility space. We also love having an abundance of hooks and racks, which are great for drying wet clothes, towels, or shoes.

Utility use:

Mudrooms are a great place to house your washer/dryer units without taking up unsightly room in the rest of the house. You should also have a large basin sink in your mudroom for washing off dirty shoes, cleaning your pet’s paws when they come in from outside, or even helping with gardening work so that you don’t have to do so in your kitchen sink. Make sure to give yourself some counter space in your mudroom as well, with a durable tile backsplash so that messes are easily contained and cleaned.

Tile Flooring | Floor Coverings International

Durable flooring:

Durable, easy to maintain flooring is the star of any mudroom. You’ll need it to be water resistant, stain-resistant, and capable of lasting under high-traffic. Because of this we suggest a ceramic or porcelain tile option, which can be especially great if you want to add a pop of style or customization to the design of your mudroom. Natural stone is another fantastic option for keeping this area both stress-free and beautifully designed.

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