If you’ve recently decided to install laminate flooring, or are thinking about it, the ease of maintenance is worth taking into consideration. At Floor Coverings International® of Largo we love this flooring because it’s durable, easy to care for and maintain, and has a wide variety of styles available. It’s important to note that while hardwood and laminate flooring look the same, the way you go you should go about cleaning them is a little different.

laminate flooring cleaning tips from floor coverings international seminole

Water and Your Laminate Floors

Water and laminate flooring do not go well together. This is important to note because one of your top cleaning priorities will be ensuring that water doesn’t sit on your laminate flooring longer than necessary. 

This means immediately cleaning up spills with a damp rag, putting a mat or towel under pet water bowls, and any other measures you might feel the need to take. We also recommend you don’t use wet mops on laminate flooring. A slightly damp mop is okay every once in a while, but staying on top of sweeping is a better option if possible.

laminate flooring maintenance tips from floor coverings international seminole

Cleaning Solutions

Standard practice when cleaning laminate flooring is to avoid using soap products. It can end up dulling the laminate and building up excess grime. With that being said, a couple of drops of soap in a hot water mixture wouldn’t be the end of the world.

We’ve found that customers have a similar issue with any products that are promoted to increase the “shine” of your floors. Often these will leave a streak wax buildup that is difficult to clean.

Cleaning Supplies

As we mentioned, a wet mop should not be your go-to choice for cleaning your laminate flooring. An excellent alternative is a microfiber cloth or mop. This is much less abrasive and can be used when dry.

A vacuum is a great way to collect any excess dirt or dust before you start using a microfiber mop. The vacuum will help remove any big debris that could scratch your floors.

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