shutterstock_141421807Are you looking for a home decor style that's designed to really make a statement? Something bright, colorful and intricate? Moroccan style home decor is exactly that and more. A layered look not afraid to express itself, Moroccan features textured walls, jewel-toned colors, intricately patterned fabric, metal lanterns, layers of Oriental rugs, and more. If you're looking for a style that makes your living space really stand out, the read the tips that follow and you'll be well on your way to achieving Moroccan decor.

Bright Colors

The first thing you'll need to do while conceptualizing your Moroccan decor is to throw your traditional idea of a color palette out the window. Bright, conflicting colors are standard and should be embraced. Begin with earthy tones as your base, then upon that layer exotic, intricately designed and brightly colored fabrics and rugs. Vivid reds, oranges, blues, and purples all have a home side by side.


All design choices in the Moroccan style are about making a statement, and the same goes for flooring and walls. Tiles are a prominent feature and are used frequently. The reason behind this is actually a practical one. In Morocco the tiles have a cooling effect, making it much easier to escape the intense heat that's so prominent there. If you live in a hot or humid climate, the use of tiles in your home will have a similar cooling effect.

Be confident in your broad use of tiles choosing tiles with distinct and colorful patterns. Tiles work well not only in the kitchen and bathroom, but in the lounge, and dining areas as well. Use your tiling as a defining feature to build the rest of your decor around.


Your furnishing choices should revolve around comfortable, casual, lounging furniture. Take advantage of large floor cushions, ottomans, and throw pillows. Your selection should feature a range of texture as well as color, patterns and fabrics. Experiment with color, free yourself from trying to find perfectly matching pieces, and embrace your ability to make a statement.


Rugs should a prominent design feature. Find a variety of rugs, from ornate to simple, and feature them not only on the floor, but as wall pieces as well.


Photo: javarman