You want the gorgeous new flooring in your Seminole, FL home to maintain its new look and shine. You can help it do this by preventing damage and cleaning it properly on a regular basis. Follow these summer cleaning tips from Floor Coverings International to make your floors shine.

Protect Your Floors

Start by preventing debris and dirt from entering your home. Purchase a stiff, thick welcome mat in front of each entry door. These tough rugs let guests wipe off the bottom of their shoes before entering the home. This protects your flooring because the rock or pebble logged in someone’s shoe bottom could scratch your new flooring. Sand and bits of seashell from the beach do the same damage.

Use curtains and blinds to protect your flooring from the sunlight. Those summer rays can fade your flooring and the heat from them can warp or weaken flooring. The latter makes it more prone to chipping or dings.

cleaning floors

Clean Floors Regularly

Your Seminole FL home flooring needs thorough sweeping and mopping or vacuuming and mopping about once per week. As soon as you notice dirt or mud or sand on the floor, sweep it up.

You don’t need a fancy set of cleaning tools. In fact, you can find the best option, a non-abrasive dust mop at almost any grocery or major retailer for under $10. This simple tool works well to clean hardwood floors, tile, and vinyl flooring plus laminate.

When you mop, use a non-abrasive liquid cleaner mixed according to its package instructions. Dip the mop into a bucket of the properly mixed liquid and apply it to the flooring in long, sweeping motions. Evenly distribute the liquid to clean each corner and crevice. Allow the floor to dry completely before using it.

Vacuum the floors about once per week. If your home has hardwood flooring, use a floor-brush attachment to avoid scratching it with the vacuum.


Installing New Flooring in Seminole, FL

Did you read this article too late to save your once beautiful flooring? Let Floor Coverings International Seminole, Florida, help you update your home with new flooring. Whether you want hardwood floors throughout or tile, marble, or vinyl, we can help you.

We’ll install the jaw-dropping flooring; you take care of cleaning it after that.