Remodeling during summer provides inspiration from the sunshine, surf, and lakes of Florida. The summer flooring trends lend themselves perfectly to Florida homes. Floors this summer create open space and eschew the typical dark colors of wood stains.

What’s big this summer?

Floors this summer eschew color for bright whites and muted grays. Herringbone, chevron, and large format tile patterns provide the visual interest needed. Stone and marble also pervade. Tiles that look like wood and bleached or blanched wood top the list of current looks.

The Ocean as Flooring

Marble provides some of the only color, since the blue of the ocean and lakes of Florida provides the inspiration for the color scheme of summer. This marble features deep blues mixed with grays and dashes of white evoking waves crashing on the beach. You can find this from carpet by installing cut and loop carpeting in sky blue or a stormy ocean blue.


The Look of Sand as Flooring

Blonde wood in wide planks also proves popular. White-washed flooring also provides an “it” look this season. If you desire textured floor, hand scraped, or wire-brushed hardwood offers the season’s texture. This summer’s floor trends also offer a carpet option – Berber in shades of tan.

The Color and Texture of Driftwood as Flooring

Distressed woods also offer visual interest and work well in a library or den. The color and texture of these woods also works well to take it up a wall as wainscoting. Fumed wood floors also provide an option for this look. Most wood floors in the summer of 2022 will use a wood stain if not bleached. The carpeting option for a driftwood look comes from frieze in cream, tan, and dark brown.


Call the Professionals

Installing any of the season’s top flooring options takes experience and design talent. Let Floor Coverings International Seminole help you determine which of this season’s looks works with your décor. If you want to update more than your flooring, we can help by recommending contractors with whom we’ve previously worked.

You can update your home this year in time for summer entertaining. Floor Coverings International Seminole serves the entire state of Florida. Let us help you update your Florida home with the latest flooring designs.

Photo Credit: © ESB Professional

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