Laminate flooring has become a popular option for homeowners in the Clearwater, Seminole & Largo,St. Petersburg area. Our experts at Floor Coverings International of Seminole are here to surprise you with a few quick facts about this durable and affordable flooring option.


It’s eco-friendly. Laminate is made primarily from high-density fiberboard, which is made by pressing wood chips together with tons of force. Unlike solid hardwood, these wood chips can come from any part of a tree, so you aren’t cutting down an entire tree for your floors.


You can install it on top of other flooring. Laminate is what’s known as a “floating floor”, meaning it can be installed on top of a clean, flat existing floor without the use of nails or other things that will damage the floor beneath it.


It has a locking system. Ok, this locking system won’t protect your house, but it does keep the pieces of laminate together. Each piece locks together with a special method that ensures your floor is flat and practically seamless. This process makes the installation very quick.


You can’t refinish it. Laminate is made with a thin top layer of material that covers the high-density fiberboard. This thin layer carries the design you see on your laminate flooring that makes it look like hardwood. Unfortunately, this thin layer cannot be sanded or refinished like solid hardwood.


It’s harder than hardwood. High-density fiberboard is one of the hardest wood materials out there. This means that laminate is less likely to be gouged or dented than hardwood.


It’s made with a printer. Well, only the top layer is made with a printer, but this is still a pretty interesting fact! A thin layer of what’s called “living paper” is created through a 3D printing process. This paper is what makes your laminate floor look so much like hardwood. The living paper is then covered with coats of aluminum oxide to resist scratches and other damage.


If you’re interested in hearing more about laminate or any other type of flooring for your Clearwater, Seminole & Largo,St. Petersburg area home, contact Floor Coverings International of Seminole today!


Photo Credit: welzevoul