Hardwood has a timeless and elegant beauty that will likely never go out of style. Durable wood can enhance the appearance of a home and even add to its market value. Still, some homeowners may prefer alternatives to solid wood because of concerns over cost, maintenance, or even sustainability. If you love the appearance of wood flooring but would rather not use traditional hardwood planks, consider these good alternatives. We carry these popular flooring materials and more at Floor Coverings International® of Largo.

Laminate flooring ClearwaterLaminates

Manufacturers produce laminate planks in layers. These four layers include the backing, the core, the veneer, and the wear layer. The veneer may consist of a thin strip of hardwood or synthetic material made to look like wood. A final transparent coating covers and protects the surface of the floor.

Homeowners might consider laminate flooring because it provides an affordable and durable alternative to hardwoods and is also easier to install. The planks are manufactured in standard sizes and precisely cut to fit together easily. Some even have a backing that allows them to stick to the subfloor or foundation.

Vinyl Flooring

Homeowners who want the most affordable and generally low-maintenance alternative to hardwood flooring might consider vinyl flooring. Companies offer vinyl flooring that can emulate the natural coloring, grain markings, and even texture of true hardwood. While they give you the elegance of wood, they are as easy to take care of as vinyl tiles and routine care of these floors seldom requires more than a broom or damp mop.

Since vinyl flooring looks great, holds up under heavy use, and is comfortable to walk on, it’s a good choice for almost any room in the house and may be especially attractive to families with children and pets or in spaces like the kitchen or entryway that require frequent cleaning.

Bamboo Flooring ClearwaterBamboo

If you have your heart set on real wood but carry concerns for the environmental impact, you might consider bamboo flooring as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hardwood. Since bamboo grows quickly, it’s more sustainable than some other wood choices. You should find bamboo very easy to care for and comfortable to stand or walk upon as well.

Because of these benefits, bamboo has become one of the most popular alternatives to other kinds of hardwood. If you’re considering bamboo, you should know that cork is another alternative to traditional hardwood that offers many of the same eco-friendly, comfort, and durability benefits as bamboo.

Which Alternative to Hardwood Floors is Best for You?

Vinyl flooring can provide you with the look of hardwood at an affordable price and is often the first choice of families with children or pets because it’s comfortable and easy to maintain. Laminate flooring has become increasingly popular because it’s easy to install and may hold up better under humid or dry conditions. If you would like wood but have concerns over sustainability, consider the eco-friendly features and comfort of bamboo or cork.

These days, there is a wide variety of alternatives for you to consider, so take your time to shop for the best one for you and your family. If you need some help, an expert design associate from the team here at Floor Coverings International® of Largo can help you out. From our mobile showroom, you can browse hundreds of flooring samples and determine which you want! Call us today to book your free in-home design consultation and visit from an associate and our mobile showroom! We proudly serve the greater Clearwater area!

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