You just installed new hardwood floors and you couldn’t be more excited. You’re likely feeling especially protective over them, which is why we’re here to offer you our top 3 hardwood floor maintenance tips. The team at Floor Coverings International® of Largo knows their stuff when it comes to hardwood flooring maintenance.

floor coverings international seminole cleaning dark hardwood floor with a microfiber cloth

Most of these tips are relatively basic and won’t require much time out of your day. The idea is to stay on top of basic cleaning so you don’t have to deal with dust, dirt, and grime that has built up over weeks or months. Let’s get started!

1. Daily Sweeping

Daily sweeping…not the most exciting tip, but it’s more effective than you would think! Why is it important to sweep your hardwood floors daily? Dirt and dust, when sitting on the floor too long, can start to accumulate and create an abrasive effect when stepped on.

It’s not much initially, but this constant abrasion adds up over time. Our recommendation is to use a microfiber mop. The material is excellent when it comes to actually trapping dirt within the fibers. While brooms work fine, they have a tendency to kick dust particles into the air.

seminole flooring swiffer broom to used to sweep hardwood floors

2. Rugs and Welcome Mats

You probably already have a welcome mat outside your door and if you don’t, we highly recommend one. Another key maintenance tip is putting down a rug in high traffic areas, which is actually no maintenance at all! Protecting your beautiful hardwoods from overuse in high traffic areas is an excellent way to add years to the life of your floors.

Pro Tip: You won’t regret applying felt protectors on the feet of your furniture. Chairs and stools that are constantly being moved will tear up your hardwoods!

3. Keep an Eye on Your Floor Cleaners

Be careful what you use to clean your floors. You might see DIY articles about cleaning your hardwoods with vinegar and water. Depending on your floor finish, this could dull the finish and leave stains! We recommend contacting your Floor Coverings International Seminole expert to find out what their recommendation is!

floor cleaners sitting on a hardwood floor

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