In St. Petersburg, bathroom flooring comes in an almost limitless variety of colors, materials, and styles. Bathrooms tend to be small areas, so the flooring you choose can play a big role in the overall feel of the room. Light, reflective floors create a feeling of spaciousness, while dark, textured floors have a heavy, austere quality.

What Should I Choose?

The most popular types of bathroom flooring in St. Petersburg, FL are vinyl and ceramic tile, though that shouldn’t stop you from considering laminate, engineered hardwood, or even solid hardwood. Keep in mind some hardwoods don’t react well with humidity so speak with one of our associates to find the best material. Your choice will depend on a variety of factors, including your home’s décor and how much floor maintenance you have time for.

You’ll probably be barefoot in your bathroom, so you’ll also want to consider some measure of slip resistance. Many vinyl and ceramic flooring options come with textured surfaces to prevent falls. If you enjoy the look of ceramic tile but worry it will be too slick, consider using smaller tiles. The grout between each tile will provide a non-skid surface.

Get New Floors Today!

With so many options in bathroom flooring in St Petersburg FL, it can be tough to choose the right one for your home. Let the experts at Floor Coverings International Seminole help. Call or click to schedule a free in-home consultation today.

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