In sunny Florida, we are lucky to experience the pleasure of great weather all year long. However, this means that the materials we choose for our flooring have to stand up to humidity and excessive heat more than in other areas of the country. Allow the experts at Floor Coverings International Seminole to help you get around these challenges by helping you choose the best carpet style for your home.

Carpet flooring in Clearwater Home

When you start shopping, you’ll encounter these terms that describe what yarns are used in the carpet in question:

  • Cut pile – The yarns stick straight out of the carpet backing, making the texture soft and smooth.
  • Loop – The yarns are looped back into the carpet backing, making the carpet bouncy and resilient.

You’ll also find these common carpet styles:

  • Saxony – Level piles
  • Berber Level loops
  • Frieze Twisted long piles
  • Shag Ultra-long piles
  • Patterned Loop – Loops of varying height


Which style will work best for your home in Clearwater, Florida? Overall, the carpet you need must be easy to maintain and moisture-resistant. Try to stay away from natural fibers or shaggy carpets (like Frieze or Shag) that can soak up more moisture than high-quality synthetic carpets with low-leveled yarns.



In humid climates like Florida, you’ll want to stay away from long fibers, as they don’t do as well against moisture. Saxony style carpets are known for their smooth and level texture due to their short and evenly cut piles.



This carpet is made of even leveled loops. If you want a carpet that’s good at bouncing back to its original shape quickly, Berber is the one for you. For your Clearwater home, you’ll want a Berber carpet with low loops made of a good synthetic material to resist any potential humidity issues. This style of carpet is easy to clean while also being a great choice for high-traffic areas.


Patterned Loop

For a bit more flair in your home design, you can choose a patterned carpet made of varying loop heights. Patterned loop carpets are much like Berber carpets in that they are excellent at keeping their shape, even after taking the brunt of lots of foot traffic. This is a great choice for large or busy households.


If you have any questions about these carpet styles and why they’re good for your home, contact us. Floor Coverings International Seminole proudly serves the greater Clearwater area and can provide an endless variety of samples for you to test out the texture and resiliency of different carpet styles. Get started today with a free in-home design consultation and estimate!



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