If you still have tile classified strictly as a flooring material for the bathroom, think again! This sleek, creative flooring option can complement any room and make your life easier in the process. Read on for why we at  Floor Coverings International Seminole think you should widen your view on where tile belongs.

It’s low maintenance

Tile flooring Seminole

Tile is extremely easy to clean, water-resistant, and far more durable than other flooring options. Those reasons are exactly why it is such a common choice for high-traffic, high-spill areas like bathrooms and kitchens. But bringing tile into the other areas of your home can make your life and your cleaning routine a lot easier. If you have pets or kids (or both) tile is a great option to make sure your floors stay in tip-top shape despite life’s messes.

It modernizes your décor

Tile is modern in every sense of the word. With sleek finishes, clean lines, and perfectly crafted materials, tile can bring a contemporary look into your home. The right choice can complement any range of interior design styles, from cozy to minimalist. If you need a design upgrade, tile is a fantastic and simple way to accomplish this.

You can play around with pattern

Tile is great because it is easier to be creative with it than some of the other flooring options like wood or carpet. You can create some fun patterns both with color and cut to freshen up your space and make even your flooring a piece of art.

There’s a style and color for everyone

Tile has almost endless customizations for whatever your heart desires. That color you need to fit your décor just right? It exists! Monochrome, light, dark, glossy, matte– whatever you want is out there. Do you prefer environmentally-conscious materials in your home? You got it! Ceramic, glass, and porcelain tile options are a great place to start. Any preference you have can be catered to with this dynamic flooring material.

Tile Flooring Seminole

Tile is hypoallergenic and great for your home’s air quality

Because tile is super-heated in a kiln, it is one hundred percent free from any potentially irritating organic materials, ensuring that your home’s air is totally fresh. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, tile is a great option because it won’t trap any problem-causing fibers such as pollen, pet hair, or dust, making it easy for you to keep your home allergy-free.

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