shutterstock_245391289If you are designing a space in your home that you plan to use for art, or any hobby that you enjoy doing, then there are few themes to consider so that you get the most out of the space for the years to come. This special room can transform how you feel about your entire home if it is done correctly. These same principles work for other rooms including a yoga studio, a music room or a meditation space, but should be adjusted slightly in accordance.

Easy to Keep Clean

One of the most important things to ensure long-term success is that your space remains in great condition. If there is going to be food, paint, or anything else that might damage your floors or surfaces then be sure to pick your surfaces wisely. Choose materials and colors that will stand the test of time.  Hardwoods and tile floors are easy to clean, whereas a carpet is harder to prevent from staining. For flooring ideas, contact Floor Coverings International serving Largo, Seminole and the surrounding Florida areas.

A Getaway

Be sure to design your space so it feels like a getaway from the rest of your home. A different scheme is one way to do this, but don’t do anything too bold. Music, lighting and smell are also ways to create an atmosphere that is different from the rest of your home.

Simple and Relaxing

While it is important to spend time thinking about what you should add to your space, it is also just as important to think about what you don’t want to add. Cluttering the space will quickly turn the room into a space that you don’t want to use and won’t give you the pleasure that you get from whatever your hobby may be.

This space is unique and important, so be sure to test different things and see what works for you. Nothing is permanent, so be creative and have fun doing it so you get the most out of your space.


Photo: PlusONE