Hardwood Patterns for Your Clearwater Home Floor Coverings International SeminoleFloor Coverings International Seminole offers a wide selection of hardwood flooring. In addition to the more traditional factory finished and plank hardwoods, we are proud to install parquet flooring, an intricate option that allows you to design beautiful hardwood patterns for your Clearwater home. Serving the Clearwater, Seminole & Largo area, these customizable floors are available in a number of colors and patterns to fit your personal taste and style.

What is Parquet?

As you may have guessed by its name, parquet originated in France. In fact, the Palace of Versailles is known for its intricate and diverse parquet flooring. To create the various designs of these floors, wooden blocks are set down together in a series of geometric patterns. Unlike regular hardwood flooring that consists of boards running parallel in one direction, parquet can form a variety of shapes such as squares, rhombuses, and triangles.

What Types of Patterns Can You Create?

There are a multitude of hardwood pattern options available with parquet flooring. Some of the most popular styles include a basket weave pattern, a chevron layout, and a herringbone design (seen on the left).

Hardwood Patterns for Your Clearwater Home Floor Coverings International Seminole

When choosing a pattern, it is important to take into consideration the various affects it might have on your space. For example, the staggered arrow shapes in a herringbone pattern can potentially make a small room feel smaller. To avoid this, consider placing the herringbone pattern on a diagonal rather than running it parallel to the length of the room.

Regardless of the style you choose to go with, it’s also good to keep in mind that the width of the planks can affect the perceived size and feel of the room. In large rooms, small planks in a parquet pattern can make the space feel too busy. Oppositely, using too large of planks in small rooms can throw off the proportions, overwhelming the space and presenting a visually disjointed aesthetic. In general, smaller rooms tend to be well suited to average-width planks while larger rooms will benefit from wider boards. Our design consultants can help you to decide on the right plank size for your room, as well as whether or not you’d like to explore flooring made from planks of various widths.

If you are looking for a truly custom and unique flooring option for your Clearwater home, give Floor Coverings International Seminole a call for a free in-home design consultation. Our experts can help you decide on a look and style for your floors and assist you in crafting a hardwood pattern that will help you fulfill your home-design dreams.

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