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Tile and stone flooring is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms in Clearwater homes because materials like ceramic are so low-maintenance. But no matter how tough your flooring material is, you’ve still got to clean and care for it from time to time if you want it to last.

So that you can enjoy your ceramic tile for years to come, the experts at Floor Coverings International Seminole are here to provide you with some simple tips on how to maintain the appearance and functionality of your ceramic floors.

ceramic tile flooring Clearwater

Clean Regularly

Whether they’re glazed or unglazed, ceramic tiles should be cleaned regularly. Prior to doing anything else, be sure to vacuum or sweep up dust and debris. Then use a cleaning solution with a mop, rag, sponge, or brush (just don’t use anything metallic that will scratch the surface or damage the glaze).

Be very careful if you decide to use a DIY cleaning solution, since some acidic substances can damage the glaze and/or grout. It’s always best to check with the installer or manufacturer to find a safe, neutral pH cleaner for your ceramic tiles – or just use water. If you do use a cleaner, it’s also a good idea to rinse the area with plain water once you’re done.

Clean Promptly

Don’t let a mess sit on your tile for too long! Even though ceramic is very resistant to staining, the tiles are usually still a little porous, so it’s a good idea to get cleaning as quickly as you can. And even though most grouts have some sort of protective sealant, they’re still more vulnerable to standing water, grease, and other chemicals.

Clean Thoroughlycleaning ceramic tile floors Clearwater Seminole

It might be tempting to call it quits and hang up your cleaning supplies once you’ve removed the most obvious mess, but trust us when we say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to ceramic tile maintenance.

In other words: don’t forget the grout! Strong, healthy grout keeps your ceramic tiles stable – and stained grout is sure to stand out as a nasty blemish if you don’t clean it occasionally. Grout needs to be cleaned periodically (once every week or two) in order to remove surface build-up of oils and dirt.

Start Your Next Project

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