Choosing which hardwood is right for your Clearwater home can seem like a daunting task. There are so many different species to consider with benefits and drawbacks of their own. The best way to go about selecting which hardwood to install is to break down specific qualities you want or need out of your floors. Floor Coverings International Seminole has highlighted some of the most important considerations for you to help narrow down your choices.


For active families or homes with pets, prioritizing hardness is a good idea. The hardness of the wood correlates directly with how durable it will be. If you need your floor to stand up to every day scratches, bumps, and bruises, choose a hardwood with a high Janka rating. The exotic wood Brazilian cherry scores at 2350 and is very resilient against superficial damage. However, to improve the durability of any hardwood and prolong its lifespan, always apply multiple layers of a strong protective sealant.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood in Calgary

Natural Color

If there is a specific color range you want for your hardwood without having to stain it, tell your designer and he or she will help you find the perfect species. Modern flooring trends are embracing super-light and super-dark colors. Beech sapwood has a creamy profile with a light grain that gives it a uniform look. Alternatively, varieties of walnut come in deep, dark browns to create a dramatic floor. To make your home more contemporary, these are two great options.

Grain & Markings

Hardwood with tight or thin grain will result in a uniform or monochromatic effect. The larger, more prominent grain will often highlight a color contrast between the different parts of the wood and make a statement all on its own. Some hardwood varieties will also have distinctive knotting or patterns that give it a personality. If an interesting-looking wood is at the top of your wish list, check out hickory or red oak with their characteristic grain marks, swirls, and knots.

Calgary Cork Flooring


Finding sustainable flooring products has become more important in the last decade. Along with local or recycled lumber distributers you can also research the growing popularity of bamboo and cork floors. While not actually hardwood, bamboo has a similar hardness to red oak and a light color profile perfect for modern homes. Cork has a natural elasticity that will keep you comfortable underfoot while still providing the sturdiness of hardwood. These eco-friendly floors are both comfortable and durable, and a great choice for your home.

We hope you’re a little bit closer to choosing a hardwood for your Clearwater home! If you still need guidance or want to get a free in-home estimate for the hardwood of your dreams, contact your local flooring experts today! Floor Coverings International Seminole proudly serves the Clearwater, Seminole & Largo areas.

Photo Credit: Artazum