shutterstock_156758738There are many styles of home that provide a great and unique look. There are eclectic, classical, Asian and natural styles, each of which creates a beautiful and amazing environment if done correctly. There are many ways to create the natural style look, and they all start with the floors. You must be thorough and create that style throughout the entire room so that nothing stands out, and your floors are certainly no exception. Here are three great choices for natural looking floors, and each also has a set of other great benefits depending on which room you are considering.


The most classic of the floors listed here is hardwood, and there is no doubting why. It comes in a variety of looks and has an unmatched appearance. They are durable and easy to clean, but require some maintenance, especially in areas of high traffic. The wide variety of hardwoods you can select range from light colored bamboo to red oak and dark maples, each of which can be more or less glossy depending on preference and which protective coating you decide to use.


Cork is another great natural flooring choice but has much fewer achievable looks than hardwoods. Cork is softer which is more comfortable to stand on, but also means that it can be damaged more easily. The transparent protective layer over the cork layer makes it easy to keep clean but can also be cut easier than other floors.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is an increasingly popular flooring choice because it has the durable and easy to clean nature of tile but the appearance of virtually any floor you want. It can look like stone, hardwoods or patterned, the options are many. There are many installation methods and options, so be sure to go over your goals with an expert.

These natural looking floors provide a variety of looks and benefits that work well in many rooms in the home. To see samples and learn more about each type, contact Floor Coverings International of Largo, FL. Our experts are ready to help you create the floor of your dreams.


Photo: natashamam