If you have a small room in your Clearwater home, you may either absolutely adore it or fiercely resent it when it comes time to decorate. Before you go tear down walls or give up on your stubbornly small space, Floor Coverings International Seminole is here to help make it feel more like large open area with a few optical illusions – starting, of course, with the floors!

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Light or Dark?

You probably have heard time and time again that if you want to make a room bigger you must use lighter colors. Light colors reflect light all over the room, creating an illusion of a larger space. On the flip side, dark colors absorb light. No matter your aesthetic, choosing lighter tones and materials will help create the illusion of largeness.

However, when it comes to floors, there is some leeway on the light vs. dark rule. Many Clearwater homeowners may already have a beautiful, dark, hardwood floor in their small space. You can still achieve a bigger looking area by pairing dark floors with very light-colored walls. This stark contrast adds depth to a room, and a room with more depth appears expansive!

Whether you go light or dark, remember that having the same flooring throughout your house will create a cohesive flow. Rather than break up rooms with different flooring styles or colors, let your small space melt together with the larger ones.  On a similar note, monochromatic colors themes work wonderfully in a small space – fewer colors means less distractions.

Sizes and Patterns

Now it is time to consider the other interior design dichotomy: small and large. It is easy to fool the eye into thinking a room is larger than it appears by using fewer larger sized items and patterns rather than many smaller sized ones. For example, when choosing a hardwood plank size opt for wide planks. Or when choosing a tile pattern, go for the larger tile squares. Laying your floor material in a diagonal fashion will also create an elongated illusion. Last but not least, avoid small patterns and designs that tend to break up a room visually.

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Get Started in Clearwater Today!

Are you ready to take the first steps in transforming your small space with flooring? Call us today and schedule a free, in-home consultation. Our friendly design experts at Floor Coverings International Seminole will guide you through all of the flooring styles to choose from. We proudly serve the surrounding areas of Clearwater, Seminole & Largo.

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