Hardwood is a classic flooring style that is used for practically every single design aesthetic you could consider for your home. From traditional to ultra modern, homeowners love the natural feed of hardwood, even as tile, laminate, and vinyl continue to advance and make their mark. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it here at Floor Coverings International Seminole. We’ve stayed up-to-date with the trends and can help you narrow down your options and find the perfect hardwood style for your home.

Distressed hardwood hand scraped clearwaterThe Feel of the Wood

A standard hardwood floor will be sanded, finished, sealed, and smooth to the touch. This was the default style for decades because it was simple, uniform, and easy to clean. However, we’ve seen a sharp rise homeowners interested in bringing a bit of texture and personality to their homes. Hand-scraped and distressed hardwood have both become more popular in recent years. These more authentic looks bring out the natural color variation, knotting, and grain inconsistencies in the wood. We still recommend a light finish, but can opt for something more matte rather than a pearly sheen to preserve its rustic feel.

Herringbone floors ClearwaterPicking the Pattern

The classic layout for hardwood is planks about 3″ laid horizontally or vertically across a floor. While this timeless look will always increase the value of your home and be in style for decades to come, today’s trends are calling for a bit more creativity in choosing an installation pattern for your wood. Let’s take a look.


Herringbone is a stylish pattern that looks a bit like a detached zig-zag, as opposed to the more fluid chevron pattern. This option can add a lot of personality to a room so if you opt for herringbone, allow it to be the focal point and use simple furniture. You can also consider using multiple wood tones for a really unique feel.


A diagonal pattern starts with shorter wood pieces in the corners and longer ones toward the middle of the room. This layout can help smaller spaces by giving the illusion of opening up. This is also a great option for those who want to try something new without straying far from standard hardwood looks.

Wide Planks

For the true hardwood lover, wide plank is the trend for you. With planks ranging anywhere from six inches to more than a foot wide, you can really highlight the natural beauty of whichever hardwood style you choose. Talk to us about the selection of woods that are able to be manufactured as wide planks.

mixed width hardwood floors clearwaterMixed Width Planks

If you find your personality to be a little quirky and occasionally indecisive, mixed width may be the choice for you. It is just what it sounds like, a mix of narrow, standard, and wide plank widths for a truly unique look. We’ll plan out the pattern with you to make sure the floor looks exactly how you want it to.

Finding the Best Shade for Your Home

Depending on the room where your floor is installed or the overall aesthetic you’re going for, color can play a huge role. Luckily for you, natural wood comes in many different shades and we also provide a wide variety of stains for you to consider. Lighter shades, such as oak can make rooms feel more spacious, but some prefer a darker floor for a moody, modern look. Your flooring specialist can help you properly match the purpose and location of your new floor in order to help you find just what you need.

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