Flooring is more than just the material you walk on; it’s one of the main factors that add to the interior design of your home. Because flooring usually covers a large area, it’s one of the first things a guest sees when entering a home. Many homeowners will have a strong idea about the type of flooring they want in a room, such as carpet, hardwood, or laminate. If you’re a homeowner who chooses solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, or laminate, you should be aware that the color of any type of hardwood can change the atmosphere of an entire room. But the color of hardwoods is often prioritized behind things like flooring material or board width. Though these factors are essential, color is equally important. At Floor Coverings International of Largo and Seminole, FL, we don’t overlook the small details when it comes to the flooring in your home, and we believe that there are clear benefits and drawbacks to all wood tones.


Light Wood FloorsLight Wood Flooring - ©P. Chinnapong

Photo courtesy of P. Chinnapong

Homeowners who appreciate the contemporary side of interior design will fall head over heels for light wood flooring. Blonde and beige tones are a modern look that a minimalist can’t pass up. These types of flooring will make a room feel light and airy, as well as create the illusion of extra space, making your room look twice as large.


Medium Wood Floors

Medium Wood Flooring - ©wk1003mike

Photo courtesy of wk1003mike

The general consensus is that medium wood flooring is considered classic; it’s a shade that will never go out of style. Popular tones are usually honey and caramel; colors often seen in old homes, dating back many decades. This style of wood flooring creates warmth and a sense of comfort. Medium wood flooring is for the traditionalist who appreciates mixing the old with the new.


Dark Wood Floors

Dark Wood Flooring - ©Coffee Lover

Photo courtesy of Coffee Lover

Dark wood flooring screams glamour and whispers elegance. Hardwood floors with dark shades are usually dark brown, or close to black, with a glossy finish. The deep tones add a dramatic contrast when paired with neutrals, such as white, bright grays, and creams. The dark shade can also be considered to have a romantic vibe when paired with darker colors like navy or scarlet.


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