Hardwood flooring can beautifully complement or completely change your Clearwater home’s decor style. However, this timeless flooring choice is a big investment, so be sure you’re ready for the commitment. Here are a few things to consider before buying. When you are ready, give your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Seminole a call.


Hardwood Flooring ClearwaterValue Versus Price

When trying to sell, some homeowners use flooring upgrades to make their home more valuable and attractive to buyers. Hardwood may raise the value a little, but if the upgrade costs more than you’re likely to get back, you’re better off choosing a project that offers bigger return on investment. If, however, you’re planning to stay in your home for decades, the chance to enjoy hardwood flooring may be worth the cost to you.


Maintenance and Upkeep

Although wood flooring does have a long lifespan, you can’t be as carefree as you would with alternatives such as laminate and tile. It requires specific cleaning methods. For example, you’re not supposed to use water, but specialized cleaners that depend on if it is waxed or polished. If it is a waxed floor, it will require re-waxing every few years. When choosing wood floors, be sure you’re prepared to care for it correctly and regularly to protect your investment.


Hardwood Flooring ClearwaterDecor Style and Lifestyle

In some cases, hardwood flooring may be a lovely dream, but one that doesn’t mesh well with your reality. Many, even most, décor styles go great with hardwood floors, but some simply cry out for some other type of floor. A retro diner theme may call for a checked vinyl, or an old farmhouse style may require flagstones in the kitchen. And if you have several children or pets, trying to keep them from scratching a hardwood floor may be more trouble than you want. In this case, a durable wood-look vinyl flooring may suit your needs better.


If you want to see samples of hardwood styles, or if you are ready to start your project, give Floor Coverings International Seminole a call! During a free in-home consultation, we will help you design, plan, and execute your dreams for your Clearwater home. Schedule your consultation today!