Natural Stone Flooring SeminoleNatural stone tiles are a classic flooring choice bringing elegance to any indoor space. Here in Seminole, tiles are a must for the hot summer months to keep your home cool. However, stone tiles are incredibly versatile and also make excellent backsplashes for fireplaces, bathrooms, and kitchens. If you want a touch of earthen glamor in your home, consider durable and timeless stone. Talk to your experts at Floor Coverings International Seminole to get started!



You can’t substitute the feel of real stone. The cool touch, distinct textures, and natural aesthetic lend a truly unique option for flooring and décor in your home. While engineered products mimic the look, natural stone tiles have qualities that manufacturing can’t entirely recreate. Furthermore, to have a piece of the natural world in your home makes it all the more elegant.



Stone is mined from quarries around the world, which means no two stones will look the same. Depending on the natural process that occurred to create the stone and other minerals present in the quarry, natural stones have individual character that cannot be replicated. Some homeowners may argue that natural stones have a lack of uniformity that is hard to complement. However, we believe the unique grains, natural clefts, and uneven ridges add charm to each piece you install into your floor.


Kitchen Stone Tile FlooringDurable

You’ve just learned that no two stones are created equal; and that goes for durability too! While granite and quartzite can endure intense pressure, popular stones such as marble are easily scratched, dented, or stained. However, with proper maintenance, the right stone tile can stand up to nearly anything. If you choose a porous stone, be sure to seal it properly to ensure it stays damage-free.


To understand the limitations and expectations of stone, schedule a consultation with your experts at Floor Coverings International Seminole. For example, the extremely porous travertine is surprisingly durable outdoors can withstand extreme temperature change and weather pressure. In fact, the almost 2000-year-old Roman Colosseum was built almost entirely of travertine!


Hot & Cold

You may think that tiles are only a warm-weather material, but the truth is they are great year-round. Most stone will be cool to the touch and does not trap or insulate heat, which will keep you comfortable in warm months. But when the seasons turn, you can still keep your home warm by coupling natural stone with radiant heating, Stone is able to transmit heat far better than other materials and you don’t have to worry about that chilly feeling underfoot.


Between the countless types of natural stone tiles available and the endless variations from color, texture, and markings, natural stone tiles open a world of design possibilities for your Seminole home. To look at samples and start designing a stone tile project in your home, give us a call! We proudly serve Clearwater, Seminole & Largo and beyond!



Photo Credit: © Minstrel25 , © LuckyPhoto