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Grout is one of those things that will often go unnoticed until something goes wrong. At Floor Coverings International in Largo and Seminole, we see customers who almost forget they need to choose a grout along with their tile! We’re here to remind you that grout is a very important part of your tile floor. Here are a few reasons why you should respect your grout and be sure to take care of it.


Added Strength

Yes, your tiles are all fixed down on their own, but grout provides a crucial stabilizing element by binding each tile together. This ensures that the tiles won’t come apart over time. It also keeps the tiles level so that the surface is flat.

Avoid Cracks

Grout can be used to hold together corners of a tile that are beginning to crack or see wear. This is a great way to salvage older tile that has been damaged in a small way. Rather than completely replacing the tile, you can do spot re-grouting around the areas where damage has occurred.

Stain Potential

Grout is something that can set the tone for a room depending on how well you care for it. When your grout is sparkling clean, it makes a room seem more put together and highlights the beauty of your tile. When grout is neglected and begins to stain, the discoloration draws the eye and makes a room feel old and unkempt. Be sure to stay on top of your cleaning to ensure your grout doesn’t become permanently stained or damaged.


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