Your Definitive Guide to Carpet Pile Floor Coverings International SeminoleIn your search for carpeting for your Clearwater home you’ve probably heard a lot about carpet pile. If you’ve been wondering what pile is and what it will mean for your flooring, then you’ve come to the right place. Floor Coverings International Seminole has created this carpet pile guide to help you make an educated flooring decision!

What is Pile?

Pile simply refers to the fibers of your carpeting, and it is used in reference to the carpet’s density, height, and style. The pile of a carpet can be made from a variety of materials including nylon, acrylic, wool, and polyester. The material you choose will ultimately come down to your needs as a homeowner. If you are looking for super soft flooring, wool is the way to go, but if you need something durable, look to nylon or acrylic.

Your Definitive Guide to Carpet Pile Floor Coverings International Seminole

Flat vs. Shaggy Pile

Flat pile and shaggy pile are essentially just ways to explain the fiber height of the carpet. Shaggy pile will have longer fibers that tend to fold over on themselves. Low, or flat, pile carpet, on the other hand, will have small, short fibers that will typically be more tightly woven together. In general, flat pile tends to be easier to clean while shaggy pile will disguise dirt and indentations better.

Thin vs. Thick Pile

Thin vs. thick pile is fairly self-explanatory. If the carpet has a high number of fibers, it is considered a thick pile. If it doesn’t have as many fibers, it is called a thin pile. Neither thick nor thin pile is necessarily a determiner of quality, but thick pile carpets are useful for high-traffic areas of the home where more fibers can help maintain the integrity of the carpeting.

Your Definitive Guide to Carpet Pile Floor Coverings International Seminole

Cut vs. Loop Pile

When carpet fibers are stitched into a backing material, they can either be left in a looped form or be cut, exposing the ends to the air. This creates two very different types of carpeting that will affect the look and feel of your flooring. Cut pile carpets tend to be soft to the touch and are very popular for residential flooring purposes. While still used in many homes, loop pile is often utilized in commercial spaces where its durable surface will survive high levels of foot traffic.

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