If you’ve considered new floors, your mind has probably turned to hardwood and ceramic tile due to their widespread positive reputations; but for those willing to spend just a little more than average, stone tiles are a practical yet luxurious flooring option that will add value and beauty to your home. Learn more about the five most common stone tiles, including what makes each one unique, from your team of local experts here at Floor Coverings International Seminole.


granite tile in Seminole

Granite is the most in-demand stone since it’s great for both floors and countertops. It comes in a wide range of natural colors, the most common being black, white, red-brown, and beige. As such, it’s an extremely stylistically versatile stone. In terms of durability, granite is one of the hardest natural stones on earth, and because of this, it’s extremely resistant to scratches and being damaged from heat. Last but not least, granite is a non-porous rock, which grants it a near-immunity to acidic stains.

Of course, we can’t do granite justice without mentioning its undeniable beauty. Due to how it forms, granite possesses a mosaic-like splash of colorful specks which makes every inch unique. Overall, it’s a practical, beautiful, and diverse stone.


slate tile flooring in seminoleThis sedimentary rock usually comes in dark gray, dark red, or muted green. It offers a more rustic look compared to many of the other stones on this list, a trait which is heightened by slate’s generally high-textured finish. Its rustic appearance and good grip make it a great option for outdoor flooring and for spaces prone to moisture such as pool decks or bathrooms.


travertine stone tile flooring in seminoleTravertine is a much lighter color than slate and can be just as rustic. Its warm beige and white hues give it a look that feels historic and cultured. And as a matter of fact, travertine is commonly seen in the structures of ancient Roman ruins. It makes a particularly excellent entryway and bathroom material, both for the floor and the wall, and can evoke feelings of regality.

As a porous stone, travertine needs a sealer to improve its resistance to stains and other forms of damage.


limestone tile flooring in seminoleUnlike travertine and slate, limestone offers a more refined and smooth look to a space. This is partly because limestone is often given a finish which makes it super smooth to the touch, but it’s also because its tiles tend to be more monochromatic and consistent in appearance compared to other stone tiles. But it unmistakably feels like stone when touched, and is probably the most chic and smooth stone available, which will shock guests who think it’s ordinary tile when they actually touch it.

Limestone is fairly porous and should be kept away from places where acidic spills are likely to occur, like kitchens. It will need a sealant to protect its appearance over time.


Marble Tile Flooring in seminoleMarble is vulnerable to being scratched and stained, but is often thought of as the most luxurious type of stone floor on the market.

Marble possesses a stunning appearance which almost seems to glow or appear translucent. The stone is filled with a variety of colors which form streaks and clouds underneath this translucent surface. It comes in a wide array of colors too, so it will work with any décor. While it might be expensive, marble is an undeniably luxurious, and practical, flooring material which can be simply magical to look at.

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