Stair Carpetting runner in Clearwater

At Floor Coverings International Seminole, we make it our number one priority to help homeowners find and install the perfect interior design options for their homes. Lately, we have noticed a spike in interest amongst Clearwater and surrounding area homeowners in carpeted stairs. In case you too have been considering adding carpet to your stairs, we put together this simple guide on the perks some of our clients have shared about their newly carpeted stairs.

Staircase carpet runner in Clearwater

Reduced Noise

Let’s face it, hardwood stairs are unnecessarily noisy. Often times you cannot go downstairs for a glass of water or upstairs for a blanket without the added sound of creaks and thuds going up and down the stairs. A lot of our clients, however, have been surprised to find out that having carpet installed on your stairs can greatly reduce the amount of excess sound produced. Carpet fibers and the carpet pad itself will absorb the sound of your steps and keep your house quiet.

Safety for All

Clearwater families often consider installing carpet into their homes when they are planning for a new baby, but the truth is carpeted stairs make the home safer for the entire family. With the traction that carpet provides, slipping on the stairs is a lot less common. Even with spills, carpets are safer to walk on than hardwood or similar alternatives. When accidents happen and slips do occur, it is far better to fall onto soft carpet than hardwood floors. Consider textured carpet styles such as berber to increase the traction underfoot.  

The Comfort of Carpet

When it comes to comfort, our neighbors in the Clearwater, Seminole & Largo areas can agree that carpet is king. Nothing is cozier than the feeling of soft carpet under your feet. It is homey and inviting, and brings a warmth anywhere it is installed, including your staircase. Carpet is especially comfortable in the winter because it does not get cold in the way hardwood or tile does.

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