Your Design Consultation is the moment when your ideas for your new floor come to life through the talent and skill of your Floor Coverings International Design Consultant. In your home, and together with you, your design consultant will create a flooring solution that matches your ideas, inspires you and then will organize the installation of the floor.

At the design consultation your Design Consultant will do the following things:

  • Correctly introduce themselves
  • Go through the Client Manual which validates their training and credentials
  • Move to the room that you are considering for your new floor
  • Measure, exactly, the space
  • Ask you questions about your ideas, your needs and the room’s usage
  • Present you some initial thoughts around material and colors
  • Listen to your feedback

Here are a few tips for you to prepare for a successful Design Consultation:

  • Pull together any design inspirations you have seen in magazines or on websites
  • Be prepared to speak about how you seem the room for your new floor working for you and your family
  • Think of any things that you will want to tell your Design Consultant about your daily schedule as it might relate to the timing, and any inconveniences, that the installation of your flooring would give you
  • Have any questions about our company, its history, testimonials, warranties, design consultation training written down