Carpet is comfortable, welcoming, and versatile. It could be the perfect option for your Clearwater home. Most carpeting styles fall into two main groups: cut-pile and loop-pile. Floor Coverings International Seminole is happy to guide you through both styles, so you can make the best decision for your home.

Loop Pile Carpeting

All carpets start out as loop pile. When the carpet is created, the yarn is attached to the back of the carpet. With loop pile carpeting, the loop remains intact. A tighter or smaller loop will result in a more durable carpet. The tight loop helps prevent snags and flattening. Berber is a popular style of loop pile carpeting that commonly has a tight loop. On the other hand, a loose loop pile carpet creates an incredibly soft and comfortable flooring. If you have pets, a tight loop is recommended, as pet’s nails can snag on larger loops and cause tearing.

loop pile carpeting

Cut Pile Carpeting

During manufacturing, cut pile carpets have the loop cut open. This can create either a smooth, level surface, or a surface with varying yarn lengths. Today, cut pile is the most common style for carpeting in Clearwater homes. These carpets can be incredibly durable and comfortable. The twist of the yarn – how many times the yarn was twisted during manufacturing – determines durability, with a high twist creating a more durable carpet. Frieze, a cut pile carpet, can be extremely durable. If comfort is what you’re after, plush is one of the most comfortable carpeting styles available. This cut pile carpet provides an ultra-soft, level surface. Nylon is typically the fiber of choice for cut pile carpets.

frieze carpeting

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