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Saxony is a classic carpet style for many Seminole homeowners. It’s easy to love with welcoming softness and stunning style. Floor Coverings International Seminole is here to share all of the reasons why Saxony might be a perfect fit in your Seminole home!

Where Should I Install Saxony?

Carpet is one of the most homey flooring choices out there. It’s been well-loved for decades! Saxony is great for any room you might install carpet. Naturally, you probably want to avoid spaces like kitchens and bathrooms where lots of water is present and spills occur. But, bedrooms are the perfect match for this plush flooring material. Saxony is also quite frequently used in formal, more elegant spaces because of its luxurious feel.

Why Is it So Soft?

The biggest appeal of Saxony carpet is its softness, and that’s perhaps what it’s most well known for. But how is that softness achieved? It doesn’t necessarily come down to the material of Saxony – all carpet fibers, such as nylon and wool, come in a Saxony style. The softness of Saxony is actually a result of the way the carpet fibers are cut! The carpet fibers are densely and tightly woven together, and then cut straight across the top. The top of the cut fibers results in a soft, exposed frayed and soft surface. The final look of Saxony is smooth and sleek.

How Do You Take Care of Saxony?

Some people relate Saxony to velvet. When you walk across your new carpet floors, you might notice the indent of your footprints left behind. Similarly, furniture that stands on your carpet for a while might leave an indent. There’s no need to worry about this, though! The indents will go away as you shift around furniture and run a hand across the carpet. Plus, the addition of runners in high traffic areas and furniture pads can help a lot with leftover marks.

Get Started in Seminole Today!

Are you interested in Saxony carpet floors in your Seminole home? Our design experts are here to help you find the perfect carpet fiber, color, and styles! Give us a call today at Floor Coverings International Seminole and schedule your free, in-home consultation. We proudly serve Clearwater, Seminole & Largo and surrounding areas.

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