Floor Coverings International Seminole aims to provide homeowners in the greater Clearwater area with the best flooring styles available. Among the most popular hardwood varieties is durable and beautiful birch. Take a look here at the qualities and considerations to make with birch hardwood for your home.


Birch Hardwood in ClearwaterDurability

Birch is an exceptionally durable domestic hardwood with a Janka rating of 1260. As a reference, the most popular hardwood for flooring is red oak, which just barely surpasses birch with a Janka score of 1290. Birch floors will have no problem standing up to busy households and everyday wear and tear. With a protective sealant, your floors will last years to come before needing to be refinished.


The Look

Many homeowners choose birch for its classic and warm aesthetic. With a rich, straight grain, birch wood serves as a perfect backdrop in traditional, farmhouse, and even rustic homes. The natural color variation also makes it possible for birch to complement a variety of different wood accents already existing in your home. For example, if you have medium-colored wood cabinets but only want to redo the floors, birch is a perfect choice to blend in multiple hues.

Birch lends itself well to substitutions because of its range of grain coloring. Depending on the availability and the season, you can find birch with grain markings that are near white to very dark chocolate. Alder is one of the main materials that is used to modify birch hardwood.



The great thing about birch is that it requires very little maintenance. Its durability and hardness keep the homeowner from having to spend money on refurbishing every few years. All that birchwood flooring really requires is routine sweeping and mopping. Every six months, the floor should be resealed with a wax.

Overall, birch is an incredibly versatile and practical product for flooring that has a great look as well. Although you will not get as many options in terms of color or grain, you will definitely get your money’s worth out of the product. Schedule a design consultation with the experts at Floor Coverings International Seminole to talk about the options of birch hardwood along with our endless variety of other solid wood species and stains. Call us today!

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