iStock_000003263050XSmall.jpgFloor Coverings International serving the Clearwater, Seminole & Largo area carries a great selection of engineered hardwoods floors. Engineered hardwoods combine the easy installation of laminate floors with the durability of real hardwood flooring. The great look and durability of this wood flooring makes it a popular choice for projects where the natural look of hardwood is desired.


Engineered hardwoods are created with layers of different types of hardwood and plywood that are bonded together with heat and pressure. A middle layer is added crossways for extra strength. The planks are finished off with a hardwood veneer and stain.

Benefits & Drawbacks

Engineered hardwood’s multi-layer design offers a range of benefits. The planks are incrdeibly durable, which makes them great for areas of high traffic like hallways, living rooms, waiting rooms, and dining rooms. The layers are also good at dealing with varying levels of moisture without warping. This makes engineered hardwood a great choice for the kitchen or basement. Engineered wood flooring also offers a fast installation and more affordable prices than solid hardwood.

Keep in mind that engineered wood can only be refinished once or twice during its lifetime. If you anticipate your floors seeing a lot of surface damage, it might be a good idea to invest in solid hardwood floors.

A Sample of our Great Selection

There are a range of dark and light stains to choose from, along with varying finishes including high gloss and matte. There are also many styles and looks that come with engineered hardwoods including oak, hickory, maple, and bamboo. Check out a sample of our assortment below:

Our Partners

We are partnered with industry leading manufacturers to provide you with a great selection of quality flooring at competitive prices. Contact us today to see our selection or talk with an expert.

A Note from Our Owner

“Engineered hardwoods are a durable and wonderful looking flooring choice that can work in many rooms in the home. Our selection is great; give us a call to learn more great benefits of these hardwoods.” –Bill Hess, Owner

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