Here at Floor Coverings International Seminole, we provide a wide variety of hardwoods for homeowners in the greater Clearwater area to choose from. Lately we have been seeing interior trends favoring the light and bright woods rather than more traditional medium to dark brown tones. One of the most popular choices for solid hardwood at home is maple, and for good reason. Learn more about why maple is such a trendy and valuable choice!

Maple hardwood ClearwaterThe Look

Maple hardwood has a light, classic feel that can brighten any space. While traditionally a light blond color, maple wood can differ depending on its age and the area where it was grown. The warm hues work with a wide variety of aesthetics and can complement existing décor. This is good because you don’t have to remodel your whole home to match your maple floors; your maple floors will fit in seamlessly. If you are looking for a darker profile but love the grain pattern and durability of maple, the wood takes stain easily and you can modify it to match your preferences.

Maple hardwood has three common grain patterns to be aware of. Flame maple has wavy dark red lines and is often used to make acoustic guitars and other musical instruments. Quilted maple has a pattern that looks like a quilt or ripples on water. Bird’s eye, most common in hard maple, is a distinctive pattern with tiny dark flecks that resemble birds’ eyes.

The Strength

All wood is ranked on the Janka Scale, which dictates how much pressure the wood can withstand before breaking. The higher the score, the more resistant your floors will be to everyday wear and tear or damage. Sweet maple, the variety best for hardwood floors, has a Janka score of 1450. For context, red oak is the most commonly used wood for flooring and it has a Janka score of 1290. This means that maple will have no problem standing up to household pressures. In fact, maple is often a popular choice for basketball courts, bowling alleys and other sports arenas because it resists scratching and denting so well.

Caring for Maple

Like almost all hardwood flooring, maple is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Just sweep the surface regularly to remove debris, and wipe with a damp cloth to remove any spots or spills. Your floors may also require periodic hardwood refinishing depending on the care and amount of traffic they receive. We don’t recommend maple for bathrooms, below grade rooms, or utility rooms as the excessive moisture and humidity may cause the wood to warp over time.

Installing Maple in Your Home

Get started today with a free in-home design consultation and estimate from the team here at Floor Coverings International Seminole. We install an endless variety of flooring styles to the greater Clearwater area. If you would like to see maple samples and more from the comfort of your home, give us a call!


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Photo credit: © Dan Thornberg