The experts at Floor Coverings International Seminole have been installing laminate flooring for customers who want to combine the look of hardwood with the benefits of laminate. Here are some important characteristics of laminate flooring for you to consider when choosing a flooring style for your next project.

Design Features:

The way laminate planks are constructed help make them one of the most versatile flooring options around when it comes to creating a look that matches your style. Using high-resolution imaging technology to create the design layer, laminate can accurately mimic the look of any type of hardwood, such as cherry, mahogany, or hickory.

Beyond the look of wood itself, laminate hardwoods are available in a variety of contemporary textures such as hand scrapped or distressed and in different finishes, ranging from the traditional high-gloss to subdued mattes. You also have options when it comes to plank widths as well.

All of this variety in design means that if you have found a type and style of hardwood that you like, chances are that there is a similar laminate option available. For more info check our product gallery!

Laminate Hardwood Seminole

Durability and Maintenance:

The top layer of laminate, called the wear layer, is designed to resist spills, scratches, and dents, and is incredibly easy to maintain. To clean it, you simply sweep up any loose dirt and debris and then mop it using a microfiber or terrycloth mop and a no-rinse cleaner. This simple process makes laminate hardwoods much easier to care for than their natural counterparts which require waxing to maintain.

Below the wear and design layers, the flooring’s inner-core helps it further resist moisture and a backing prevents the laminate from warping.  All of these protective features make laminate hardwood an ideal flooring for high-traffic areas in your home, especially in areas where exposure to moisture and pets could potentially damage traditional hardwoods.


Lower material and installation costs mean that laminate hardwood is less expensive to install than some other types of flooring. And while it is true that laminates cannot be refinished and therefore have a shorter life span than hardwoods which can last the better part of a century, the lower up-front cost means that they are also less expensive to replace should you want to change the look of a room or even the entire home.

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