Tile is a classic choice for bathrooms here in the Clearwater, Seminole & Largo area. Bathroom floor tiles are available in a large range of colors, materials, and styles. It can be hard to find the perfect style for your home or business. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Seminole have lots of experience helping customers find the tile that’s right for their space.


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Choosing Your Tile

These are some of the key things to consider when choosing new tile for your bathroom:

Existing Décor – If you have a bathroom with patterned textiles and wall art, it would be best to install tile that is simple and solid in color. Alternatively, if your bathroom has a minimalist style, you could install a unique mosaic or pattern.

Maintenance – One thing that’s great about tile is that most styles are pretty low maintenance. The grout between your tiles can become stained over time of it’s not cleaned frequently enough. If you are hoping for a floor that’s easier to take care of, we recommend large tiles with less grout.

Traction – If you’re concerned about people slipping and falling in your bathroom, be sure to choose a textured tile floor. You can also add bath mats if you prefer large, smooth tile floors.


Tile Materials

Obviously, floor tile must be able to withstand damp conditions and the occasional spill. That’s why ceramic tile, vinyl and natural stone are all popular bathroom flooring choices. Many now come with subtle texture to prevent dangerous slips and falls. If you are thinking of smaller tiles with a unique mosaic pattern, you can also try glass tile. This is an especially popular option for bathroom walls.


Your Local Tile Experts

Let the experts at Floor Coverings International Seminole help you select the bathroom flooring that’s just right for you and your home. We offer free in-home consultations to the greater Clearwater, Seminole & Largo area.


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