Natural stone tiles provide an earthy, sophisticated, and timeless charm to any home. Here in Clearwater, one of the most popular stones for interior design is granite. If you are looking to upgrade your home flooring and want to learn more about the properties and qualities that make granite so irresistible, contact your local team of experts at Floor Coverings International Seminole.


Granite Tile Samples ClearwaterWhat is Granite?

In the decorative stone trade, granite is the term used to define any feldspar material that contains large interlocking crystals, known as quartz, that are easy to see with the naked eye. Feldspar is the geological name of a large group of rocks that are made up of silicate materials. Over 50 percent of the earth’s crust consists of feldspar.


Do I Have to Do Anything Before Laying Granite Floor Tiles?

Always prepare the subfloor before you lay tile. Make sure it is cleaned, free of debris, paint splotches, adhesive residue, holes or scratches. If you want to apply it over a plywood subfloor, sand the wood first to make sure that the tile lays on a clean, flat and even surface.


What About the Cost of Granite?

Cost is always a factor in home renovation or remodeling projects. Granite is more expensive than other floor tile products, but it is also a superior product in many ways. It’s much stronger than marble, travertine, and porcelain. You may pay more for granite when you purchase the tiles, but you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs, or to replace the tiles. And there’s no guarantee that if and when you need to replace tiles, which you’ll be able to get matching tiles.


Can I Install the Granite Floor Tiles Myself?

There are a lot of expensive supplies required to lay granite tiles. To properly install granite, you would need a wet saw, a circular saw, straight boards, drills, galvanized metal screws, mortar, grout, sealant, trowels, and spacers. There is no room for error when installing granite floor tiles because those mistakes are costly. Furthermore, the installation process is not a fast one because cut granite tiles can be quite brittle and demand patience during installation to avoid cracked corners. Don’t burden yourself with the physical labor and potential stress of installing granite. Trust a team of experts to handle the installation.


How Do I Maintain My Granite Floor Tiles?

Granite floor tiles are easy to maintain. Make sure you wipe up spills or stains as soon as possible. Sweep the floor daily, and mop it once a week when you do your weekly cleaning. You’ll need to reseal the tiles periodically. Your tile supplier will tell you what to use to clean the floors, and what to use as a sealer, and how often you’ll need to reseal the floors.


If you are interested in adding granite floors to your Clearwater home, give us a call. In our free consultations, we bring the flooring to you in our mobile showroom, so you can view our endless variety of samples against the décor and design of your home. Get started today to schedule yours.


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