subway tile in clearwater, flAs their name suggests, Subway tiles were originally used to line the interior walls of New York City’s first underground subway system. These rectangular shaped tiles were used to form signs labeling different stops, and still adorn the walls of some of New York’s subway system today. Since their first public appearance Subway tiles have become an enduring interior design trend used to finish Clearwater bathroom and kitchen backsplashes, countertops, floors, and walls.

What are they made of?

Unlike other tile terms, like ceramic and stone, which refer to the material tile is made of, the term Subway refers to a specific style. As a general rule, Subway tiles are those that have a length that is twice as long as their height. Traditionally, they were made of ceramic, but today are available in a number of materials including marble, metal, and glass.

Subway Tile Advantages

Subway tiles are usually on the larger side, making them easy to clean. Homeowners often find that the grout between Subway tiles requires replacement before the tiles themselves. Nevertheless, if a tile breaks it can be replaced individually, which results in lower repair costs compared to other flooring. In addition to their practical benefits, Subway tiles are also aesthetically pleasing. They can be used to add subtle texture to any room, without overwhelming a space.

Subway Tile Precautions

These tiles do tend to be larger so we don’t advise that you use them to finish the floor of your tile shower. A safer option would be to go for smaller tiles that are less likely to result in slips or falls when wet. As with all tiles, mildew and mold buildup can also result in cleaning costs in the long run. You can take preventative measures by drying tile quickly after it comes in contact with moisture, and by running a bathroom fan when using your tile shower.

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Photo © Jodie Johnson

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