Hardwood floors have a timeless elegance that is extremely popular for most homes in the greater Clearwater area. Not only are they a practical choice for long-lasting durability, but they add value to any home. However, their biggest flaw is that they aren’t suitable for spaces that are exposed to a lot of moisture or liquid like the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, or below-grade rooms. If you’re looking for the beauty and durability of wood in one of these rooms, it’s time you learned about wood-look tile. Allow Floor Coverings International Seminole to introduce you to this popular hardwood alternative.

Wood Look Tile ClearwaterLooks Like Wood, Lasts Like Tile

Wood-look tiles are often ceramic tiles that have been made to emulate the natural and unique look of hardwood. Ceramic tiles can be made with the intricate grain patterns and coloring of whichever hardwood style you want and give you the aesthetic you’re looking for whether you’re in the kitchen, bathroom, or basement. Since it’s tile, it is extremely moisture resistant and can stand up to frequent cleaning, moist environments, and water left on the surface. Of course, you should always wipe down wet surfaces to avoid accidents, but ceramic is better suited for bathrooms or kitchens than hardwood.

Tile in Other Rooms

Many people love the strength and maintenance-free aspects of tile and want to use throughout the house or in high-use rooms such as the living room and master bedroom. Having regular tile in those rooms, however, often doesn’t give them the cozy look they want for the home. Wood-look tile, however, has the same warm look as hardwood flooring, but with all the same features of tile.

Keeping Flooring Uniform

May hardwood fans want their wood flooring in as many rooms as possible. Wood-look tile allows you to continue the wood theme throughout the home. For many homeowners, it’s the perfect way to create a uniform look with the flooring without having problems in the wet areas from moisture. Furthermore, this type of tile comes in so many colors that it’s possible to match the tile to the hardwood styles and tones you have in the other rooms.

Like wood, it’s possible to have variation among the many tiles just as you would with wood planks. Depending on the look you want, you can choose the level of variation that you want from your tiles so that they more closely match the woods in the other rooms. And like wood, the tiles can be manufactured as “planks” so that it’s difficult to see that your floors are actually tile!

Interested in wood-look tiles for your home? Get started with a free in-home design consultation to view samples to try out the look and feel of tiles in your home! Call Floor Coverings International Seminole today.


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